25 November 2016
TU Delft Aula

About the symposium

In 1908 Ford heralded the start of a new era with the Model T. It took just 12 years before people tried to create the first concept automated vehicle. Only now, in the early 21st century, the first automated vehicles are starting to see the light of day. However there are still a number of hurdles in the way before the automated vehicle will be a common sight.

Safety, of paramount importance to automated driving, has garnered a peak in interest in 2016, since the first fatal accidents involving an automated vehicle is a fact. As such the automated driving community has increased its focus on the fields of sensing, computer vision and machine learning to provide answers to the question: "Can these accidents be prevented with better technology?"

Automated driving brings along a lot of other social challenges. If an accident is not preventable, what should an automated vehicle do? Should the driver be protected at all cost? Is that ethically responsible? And is the current infrastructure suitable for automated vehicles? Can we mix automated vehicles and normal traffic?

Are you curious about the answers to these questions? Come to the symposium on the 25th of November from 8:30 to 17:00 at the TU Delft Aula and experience The Future of Driving!

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  • Welcome

    Theun Baller

    Dean of 3ME and TBM Faculty

    TU Delft

  • Introduction & Intelligent vehicles

    Dariu Gavrila (Chairman)

    Professor ‘Intelligent Vehicles’

    TU Delft

  • Delphi Innovation & Technology for Automated Driving and Mobility on Demand

    Serge Lambermont

    Technical Director Automated Driving


  • The Evolving Automotive Radar Landscape

    Cicero Vaucher

    Senior Principal - NXP Semiconductors

    Senior Principal

    NXP Semiconductors

  • Ethics and
    Self-driving Cars

    Filippo Santoni De Sio

    Robot Ethics Researcher

    TU Delft

  • Disrupted Mobility

    Carlo van de Weijer

    Director Smart Mobility

    TU Eindhoven

  • The Future is Now: Self-driving Vehicles Are a Reality

    Maarten Sierhuis


    Nissan Research Center

  • Future Proof Legislation on Connected and Automated Driving

    Edwin Nas

    Dep. projectleader Selfdriving Vehicles

    Ministry of Infrastructure and The Environment

  • Panel Discussion




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